#008: drinking beers with Chicana punk rockers FEA

FEA is a Chican@ punk band from San Antonio founded by Phanie Diaz (Drums) & Jen Alva (Bass) - from Girl In A Coma fame. Together with Lety Martinez (Vocals) and Aaron Magaña (Guitar), FEA is currently on tour promoting their debut self titled LP that is produced by Laura Jane Grace (Against Me), Lori Barber (Babes in Toyland) and Alice Bags (The Bags) - iconic women in punk. Mixing humor with abandon, and English with Spanish, FEA empowers listeners and inspires dissidence by exploring societal, cultural and gender related issues. The quartet stopped by Desmadre HQ a day before their San Jose show to have a couple of beers and shoot the breeze with Jesus. 

FEA's tour is still going, with multiple stops on the west coast and Texas still to come through the end of the year. Check out their schedule and download their music at: http://fea210.com