#002: Eutiquio "Tiq" Chapa on the importance of Latino owned businesses to the US economy

Eutiquio "Tiq" Chapa (@TiqChapa108) grew up in King City - a small farming town in Central California. His Mexican-American parents owned and ran a convenience store where he learned about the challenges and ups and downs of running a small family owned business. After high school, Tiq went to Stanford where he got a BA in Urban Studies/Affairs and now, at the young age of 28, he's program Manager for the Stanford Graduate School of Business Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. There, he's helping put together the largest and most thorough database of Latino-owned US businesses and publishing that information with the goal of stimulating more informed policy-making, business partnerships, and knowledge and skill development through its research findings. Tiq also helps run the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program, a nationally available six-week online education course for business leaders interested in building highly scalable companies. Our talk with Tiq ranges from his childhood, his time at Stanford, some big picture discussions regarding starting and growing a business as a Latino in the US, weightlifting, dating and many other things. Tiq is a funny dude with a great attitude and if you're at all interested in startups, small businesses, the Latinx tech movement and community building - he's someone you must get to know!