Diversity in the Startup Scene - 28 Movers & Shakers - FULL ARTICLE @ Referral Candy Blog
Vision: Hispanics are by far the top digital consumers in social and mobile video. A shortage of inventory exists to satisfy this huge demand, as well as enormous inefficiencies in content sourcing and delivery. is where Funny-or-Die meets Vice for a cross-cultural audience.

A Webseries About the Secret Tamale Mafia - FULL ARTICLE @ REMEZCLA.COM
Who is Felipe Federico Fernandez? What’s his motivation?
FFF is an intellectual in search of the truth. He is an immigrant who wants to be remembered for his grand ideas and bold vision. He is an American pioneer in the truest sense – forging his own path without asking permission. He also makes badass tamales.

Chingo Bling Masa & The Power Interview - FULL INTERVIEW @ MEX and the CITY
Why tamales?
My mom made tamales and my dad sold them at work.  Tamale hustling has always been the centerpiece to my art and music.  I think it shows my supporters and fans that even now, after countless mixtapes, we still have only scratched the tamale surface!

Samuel 'Juan Hierbas' Tomsing Masa & The Power Interview - FULL INTERVIEW @ MEX and the CITY
What is the inspiration for your character?
I would describe it as a combination of weed culture, Mother Teresa, and Richard Gere rolled into one character. The weed is obvious in the name, Mother Teresa keeps the character grounded, and Juan Hierbas is a handsome dude just like Richard Gere.