DESMADRE's mission is to be the most authentic and innovative studio producing, distributing, and marketing digital content for the Latino market across all major channels -- both traditional and emerging.

We create meaningful, longterm relationships with our audience through characters, worlds and stories that are culturally relevant and boldly disruptive.

Desmadre is multicultural but not ‘just about Latinos’ – it’s not our world but it’s the world through our eyes.

To connect with this desirable, hard to reach demographic in the freshest way possible, we offer:

  • Editorial and social integrations

  • Custom branded content

  • Social media campaigns

  • Homepage masthead placement

  • Site-wide skins

Desmadre team members have previously created content and collaborated with brands including Motorola, Levi's, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Diesel, Southpole, Pizza Patron, Bud Light, Cuervo & Cricket.

For more information: Jesus Torres , Strategy & Biz Dev -