DESMADRE is a new media venture producing next-level content for a fast-growing cross-cultural audience.

Based in Silicon Valley, we apply smart technology to capture sight, sound, and motion around the world – and bring it directly to your phone, computer, TV or movie screen.

FOUNDER & CEO Jesus Beltran was good at math growing up but preferred watching movies. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford and experience as a design consultant for tech giants like Google and Apple, where he holds over ten design patents.

Jesus’s film and video work has been programmed at Sundance, SXSW, and over 30 festivals worldwide. His feature-length script, “Americano”, was selected for the Sundance Labs with producer Amy Lo.

His parents hail from the states of Guerrero and Morelos in Mexico and came to the U.S. in 1972, just like the legendary tamale kingpin Felipe Fernando Fernandez.

FOUNDER & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Samuel “Tlaloc” Martinez is our top-secret weapon. Inspired by Aztec mythology and soft pornography, Sammy is an accomplished photographer, musician and jaguar breeder. He studied English at Bates College, as he only spoke the Nahuatl language until the age of 18.

Cosmological law brought his parents to the U.S. in the mid-1980′s – just in time to pollute his head with all the pop garbage cable TV had to offer.

FOUNDER & MANAGING PARTNER Amy Lo has produced everything from Hollywood 3D movies to Nicaraguan documentaries to maxi pad “branded entertainment”.

She’s negotiated innovative sponsorship deals and engaged audiences across different platforms including mobile phone content, live events, fan videos, and a 24-hour takeover of the YouTube.com homepage (she asked nicely and they said yes).

Amy has a dual degree from Stanford and habla Español, so no digas ningunas pendejadas around her thinking she won’t get it.