DESMADRE is an independent digital studio run by some beaners in a garage. 

FOUNDER & CEO Jesus Beltran was good at math growing up but preferred watching movies. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford and experience as a design consultant for tech giants like Google and Apple, where he holds over ten design patents.

Jesus’ film and video work has been programmed at Sundance, SXSW, and over 30 festivals worldwide. His feature-length script, “Americano”, was selected for the Sundance Labs with producer Amy Lo.

His parents hail from the states of Guerrero and Morelos in Mexico and came to the U.S. in 1972, just like the legendary tamale kingpin Felipe Fernando Fernandez.

FOUNDER & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Samuel “Tlaloc” Martinez is our top-secret weapon. Inspired by Aztec mythology and soft pornography, Sammy is an accomplished photographer, musician and jaguar breeder. He studied English at Bates College but shifted into the visual arts soon after leaving Maine.

A self taught filmmaker, actor & social media junkie, Sammy's talents lie in telling a story and getting it to an audience with whatever tools he has at his disposal. His loose but authentic style represents a new generation of storytellers that typify the Desmadre filmmaking ethos.

Cosmological law brought his Mexican parents to the U.S. in the mid-1980′s – just in time to pollute his head with all the pop garbage cable TV had to offer.

STRATEGY & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Jesus Torres has produced music albums, managed Grammy nominated acts, and cofounded a music tech startup.  He’s worked for Hewlett Packard, Sony Latin, Universal Music, and Atlantic Records.

Armed with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, he helps craft innovative brand partnerships and multi-platform marketing and distribution campaigns that bridge the gap between traditional and emerging markets.

His parents hail from the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

COMMUNITY MANAGER Isabel Ann Castro grew up in San Antonio, Texas among the nopales and hoodrats. She’s always had a creative imagination, a positive outlook, and  a “let’s do cool shit” attitude. She got a degree from Texas State in Communication Design but likes to utilize her voice as an ambicultural millennial on social media to tweet shit to Republicans and describe the quality of her breakfast tacos. She’s good at illustrating, networking, and being poor.

Her papa immigrated from the beautiful state of Jalisco in 1982 and got away from the border as quickly as possible, meeting her mother in Washington D.C. where she was kicking ass & working for NCLR. He impressed her with his sick dancing and cooking skills, they got married and moved back to Texas - U.S. citizenship and menudo all around!