#032: Juice is loose, Tom Price is out, Saudi women level up, & top pay college athletes or not

Jesus and Sammy discuss the release of OJ & Tom Price (respectively), Saudi Arabia allowing women to drive, the death of Hugh Hefner, whether or not college athletes should be paid and of course our favorite topic - the Kardashians (Khloe is pregnant omg!)

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#027: biculturalism, Mexican mosh pits, & the new wave of Latino artists w/ Sonido Clash founder Fernando Perez

Sonido Clash is a collective from San Jose, CA comprised of artists, DJs, promoters, & activists that have been throwing shows in the Bay Area for nearly a decade. They’ve collaborated with Prayers, Las Cafeteras, Mexican Insitute of Sound, Los Rakas, Ana Tijoux, Toy Selectah & many more.

Jesus sat down and chopped it up with one of the founding members, Fernando Perez, AKA "Tlacoyo", about their story, musical influences, the fast changing landscape, & their upcoming festival labor day weekend. 

Be sure to follow them and check out the 2nd Annual Sonido Clash Music Fest in San Jose and see Prayers, Helado Negro, Cuco, Grupo Maravilla & many more!

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#024: Jesus is back from China, trading shit stories, On Tyranny, & hail all street vendors

El Jefe Culero is back from China to discuss almost sh*tting his pants on the plane ride back, his fascination with Timothy Snyder’s “On Tyranny” & some other ~relevant topics he missed out on while abroad. 

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