#012: @MexTape

The studio was blessed by a San Jose legend this week. A rapper, a lover, a fixed gear biker by the name MEXTAPE sat down with Sammy & Luis to discuss San Jose, Sonido Clash, The Simpsons, & un chin de otras mamadas. 

Join us Labor Day Weekend (Sunday September 3) for the 2nd annual Sonido Clash Music Fest! Prayers, Helado Negro, Cuco, Grupo Maravilla and more will be rocking the stage at Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, CA! 

get tickets here:https://scmusicfest2017.eventbrite.com/

#010: Brown Table Discussion

DJ Tear Drop, Philthy Dronez & Mar.e.fresh join Sammy for a special Brown Table Discussion. They talk through musical influences, mixing cultures, Cumbia purity, and failing their immigrant parents all while drinking probiotic kombucha tea bought from Whole Foods Market.

San Jose/ Bay Area! Come see EL DUSTY this Sunday 8/6 at the Ritz. 21+ 5$ 7pm! Dont miss out! ticketf.ly/2v8xep9


Luis is not a Pocho which is why he was not invited for this episode

theme music by: @deladeso

#009: Talking comedy w/ Ato Walker

Ato Walker is a poet, activist & stand up comedian based out of San Jose, CA. We discuss comedy, the bay area, White people paying reparations to Black people, & our mutual love of Sabado Gigante.

Follow him at @mrwalkercomedy

Desmadre Presents: EL DUSTY @ The Ritz in San Jose (8/6/17) get tickets here: http://ticketf.ly/2v8xep9

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#005: Latinx Scholar Carlos Leos

Carlos Leos is an alternative and highly “woke” Latinx scholar from Fort Worth, TX. He attended Vassar College where he studied International Relations and Chakra Prosperity. Carlos is Sammy’s old friend from high school and was invited to speak on Maleducados in the hopes of bringing some semblance of dignity to the podcast but to no ones surprise - that did not happen.

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#004: Revamping our fat asses

In one of the boldest and most innovative moves in podcast history, Sammy & Luis used a 360 camera to film episode #004 of Maleducados...Which is irrelevant information for this iTunes description. Basically we're no longer going to film ourselves while we record the podcast. We want to slouch on our fat asses and not feel insecure while we discuss our feelings. In this episode we talk about Father's day, Mexican Stand Up, Mexican Rock, American Pop Punk, and general mexican / mexican american / pocho / chilango / chicanxxxx fuckery. Enjoy.


In this episode Sammy sits down with singer, song-writer, artist, & all around bad ass CRISTAL OLIVAS (San Jose, CA) to talk about life, writing, rancheras, weed & heart ache. Cristal blesses our humble podcast with a performance of her song QUE PASA.

After, Sammy & Luis discuss Cinco De Mayo, Mexican "Slam" dancing, Canelo vs Chavez jr. & the beautiful & equally twisted S-Town Podcast.

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Introducing the MalEducados Podcast. In this inaugural episode Sammy invites his friend and fellow degenerate Luis to talk about misogyny in rap and rancheras. Together they declare this podcast a 'Macho Free Zone'. Luis interviews Sammy's girlfriend, Claudia Saenz, the founder of Chulita Vinyl Club.


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